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Finished my first week of trading with almost $1,500 in profit. I only deposited $750. This strategy is a miracle worker.
James B. , United Kingdom
For my first month live trading, I can't complain about 40% growth on my account. Couldn't have done it without the gang! Next month I'm going to try and slide into that five figures club!
Patrick N. , Arizona
I couldn't even check my phone today because it was broken...When I finally got it fixed, I couldn't believe I was up 45% today. I plan on getting everybody I can in on this!
Max G. , United States
Proud of this! Deposited $100 into Tradersway Thursday. Up 150% practicing with small amounts. The training and learning how to use the EMAs significantly helped!
Anji K. , United States

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USDJPY bulls testing major resistance, bearish retracement may take place

There has been an extended bullish rally after the USDJPY bulls breached the major resistance level at 110.85. This level was extremely significant for the long-term investors since the 61.8% bearish Fibonacci retracement level coincide at that level. Most of the aggressive price action trader managed to execute long orders on the breakout of a

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GBPUSD bounce off from a major support level, possible bullish run ahead

The strong recovery attempt from the U.S dollar index in the last month pushed the GBPUSD pair significantly lower in the global market. The cable bulls found some decent bearish pressure near the critical resistance level at 1.34606 before collapsing into the major support level. The pair found some decent bullish support at 1.30560 before

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GBPUSD testing major support level, cautious bull wait

After the extended bearish rally in the GBPUSD pair, the bulls have finally emerged in the market near the critical support level at 1.30491. This level has been tested twice and surprisingly this support level managed to push the price higher in both cases. In the daily chart we have nice bullish price action signal

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